Whether your dog is a little one or a big one, the benefits of owning a dog are rewarding.  Dogs were not named ‘Mans best friend‘ for nothing.  At Izzies Doggie Bling & Stuff we not only have a Doggie Shop your dog will love – We also understand both the good and bad that can come with owning and caring for a dog.  For this reason we will also share helpful tips & Doggie News.

How Wen & Izzie Got Together

Welcome to Izzies Doggie Bling and StuffI’m a little Jack Russell dog myself and am blessed to have a well behaved human, (Wen) to take care of me.

Some years ago Wen came to the dog breeders house to choose either me – the pretty one, or my brother – the quiet one.

Even at 10 weeks of age I wasn’t going to put up with any competition to go home with Wen.  I had an action plan and went for it.

This is how the story goes…

Wen arrives and my brother and I are let outside to greet her.  Of course I got there first!

Wen is invited inside by breeder human.  They talk about which one of us Wen wants. Fiesty as I am, I wasn’t going to stay quiet for this – I had to be noticed!  Wen seemed like she needed a push to choose. So rolly pollies and skids on the floor it was.  Wen is looking – Mission nearly accomplished.

Wen sits down, and puts her handbag on the floor as breeder human talks about me.  By this time I am sitting on Wens’ knee – Come on Wen – Choose me!

Oh NO, and then competition strikes as my brother tries to climb up onto Wens knee. Holy cow – He wants to come too. I wasn’t going to put up with this – So with lightening speed I put my paw on his head and pushed him back onto the floor.

Now I’m still in the spotlight – and then I hear those magic words – WEN HAS CHOSEN ME!  Money is then discussed for Wen to buy me.  Quick action was needed here – I wasn’t going to let money get in the way of going home with Wen, so I sped things up a bit.

I got into action straight away as I jumped down onto the floor, lent on Wens handbag, and opened the zip to make the money process happen faster.

Phew Mission Accomplished – Then it was Home with Wen

So Wen and I have been together for a few years now.  There’s never a dull moment as I just love to keep Wen on her toes.  I let her think she’s the boss, mainly because she is the one that feeds me.  I think things work pretty well for us this way.

Frosty is Izzies playmate

Oh and before I forget, Wen also got me a play mate a few years after we met. He’s a Maltese x Tibetan Terrier we called Frosty.

His name reflects his moods, but we love him dearly no matter what mood he is in.

He keeps Wen on her toes, but I manage to keep him in line.  More treats for me then.

We don’t claim to be experts…

But along the way we have learnt a lot together, so decided to share tips we have found helpful along the way, and other doggie stuff we think is worthy of sharing with you on our site…

Izzies Doggie Bling & Stuff

As for the bling – Forget the bling for me – I’m a tom boy, but Wen likes it, and I have fun hiding it when Wen isn’t looking.  But just in case you like bling, there will be plenty of that in our shop.  I will concentrate on getting Wen to put the other important stuff on, like food and treats for the doggie tum, toys, fun dog stuff and helpful articles.

Just in case you haven’t got a dog yet – Check this out…

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