Chimp And Dog Sent To Deliver Grandpa’s Lunch

Watch to see if Pankun and James complete the mission to deliver Grandpa's lunchThe first mission has been set for this duo.  Pankun the chimpanzee and James the Bulldog must deliver lunch to Grandpa.

Trainer Atsushi Miyazawa has carefully prepared and packed Grandpa’s lunch, and placed it inside a back pack James is wearing.

Pankun and James are verbally told how to get to Grandpa’s.

The instructions are:  There is a branching road in front of you – Turn right – Then walk straight – Take a right turn when you reach the end of the road.

Watch Pankun & James On the Mission to Deliver Grandpa’s Lunch

The task at hand may seem simpler than it really is.  After a couple of attempts to actually continue on down the road,  the mission seems like it will go well.

Then Oops – James’s back pack slides to his side and Grandpa’s lunch falls out onto the road, as they continue obliviously on down the road.

Still in view of Atsushi standing at the starting point, the trainer yells out, “Aaagh the lunch has fallen out! Pick up the lunch”.

After Pankun hears the command, he goes back to get the lunch, but getting it to stay inside the back pack becomes a problem.

Once sorted they are off again, but further on down the road, it seems playing on the side of the road is more fun.

A worried Atsushi hides in bushes along the way to see how the journey is going.

As the next obstacle to turn right at the end of the road, causes much confusion for the duo, Atsushi runs down the road to bring them back to the start line.

Will Pankun and James complete the mission of delivering Grandpa’s lunch successfully on their second attempt, that includes crossing a river on stepping stones?  Watch to find out

(Image sourced from You Tube)