Did You Know You Should Be Putting Pet Safe Sunscreen On Your Dog?

Did you know you should be putting pet safe sunscreen on your dog during summer?  Manufacturers actually make a doggy sunscreen specifically for dogs.

We all know we should put sunscreen on ourselves when going outside during the summer months, and rigorously apply the sunscreen.

Many dog lovers often don’t even think about the family dog also needing protection from the harsh rays of the sun.

Exposed skin on dogs can burn quickly, and they are also prone to get melanoma and various other cancers just like humans do.

You don’t need to put sunscreen all over your dog unless your dog has thin or no hair.

While the fur on a dog gives them some protection against the harsh UV rays, most dogs have exposed areas that can burn badly in the sun.

A Pet Safe Sunscreen Should be Applied on Exposed Areas Such As… 

  • Ears (both sides)
  • Nose
  • Chin/lip area
  • Belly
  • Pads on feet
  • Inner thighs
  • Scrotum
  • And any areas where there may be thinning hair.

Dog’s also need to be protected with sunscreen on areas that have been recently shaved.

Human Sunscreen Can be Toxic to a Dog…
 Always use A Pet Safe Sunscreen


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Many human sunscreens contain harsh chemicals such as zinc oxide, that is highly toxic for a dog.  For this reason only use a pet friendly sunscreen.

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When you first apply sunscreen on the dog, apply it on a small area first, just in case your dog has an allergic reaction to it.

If you are worried your dog may lick the sunscreen off – give him a chewy to keep his mind off it while you are applying it.

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