Dog Demonstrates How Motorized Wiper Glasses Work In The Rain

With the help of his owner and a pair of motorized wiper glasses, this adorable dog is completely un-bothered by a bit of light rain.

No More Rainy Day Blues For This Dog!

The video above was posted to RM Videos less than a week ago, and it is easy to see why it has been shared many times since.

This adorable dog in Virginia sits totally calm, outside on the deck, as the drizzle splashes down onto him.

The wipers on the protective glasses sweep the raindrops away, and the funky head gear protects his head from the drizzle.

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The wiper glasses shown above are actually designed for human use, but as you can see one dog owner realized they could also fit his pooch.

These motorized wiper glasses with flashing lights (known as i-wipers) are battery operated, and can be purchased through Amazon.

Featured image sourced from Youtube 

 Article posted 30/04/17

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