Dog Steals The Babies Toy – What Happens Next Is Heartwarming

An un expected outcome when a dog steals babies toyThe dog steals the babies toy!  What happened to playing nicely?

Dogs and babies often form special relationships.

One minute they maybe getting along just fine, and then before you know it one has annoyed the other.

One may think it quite naughty for a friendly family dog to steal a babies toy…

But – Sometimes such Events have Unexpected Results
As seen in the clip below…

It’s Never too Late to Apologize

As the family dog steals the babies toy, the baby was quick to show annoyance, and rightfully so.

The guilt the dog then endured certainly gave a surprising result, when the dog fetched other toys and then gave them to the baby, one by one.

But not just a few toys, the baby had to have them all.

The love and devotion this dog has for the baby, certainly showed when he fetched the toy box as well, dragged it closer to the baby and continued giving the baby more toys.

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