Doggie Dilemma – It’s Bath Time!

Most dogs run when it's bath timeThey say most dogs love water.  After all, it’s common to see dogs at a beach joyfully splashing in the water, and fetching that flying stick.

Oh, but what a dilemma it can be when it comes to a dog’s bath time!  Some dogs absolutely love a bath, while others run for cover, or need to be dragged to the bath tub, as you will see in the video clip below…

Bath Time – Doggies on the Run

If you are a dog owner, you have most likely experienced some sort of dilemma when getting your dog used to having a bath.  Some dogs never get used to having a bath, and will create a dilemma every time.  This can make things seem just all too much.  But a smelly dog can be hard to live with, and this usually gives one the incentive to try the bathing again.

Thankfully there are many dog grooming companies out there that will bath your dog for you. Your dog may even enjoy the luxury treatment he gets at the groomers.   You may be able to find a Pet Groomer in your area at Find A Groomer