Graffiti Tribute Of ‘Dog’ Allowed to Stay At Dog Park

Just over a week since famous New Zealand cartoonist Murray Ball died, a grafitti picture of his famous cartoon pooch named ‘Dog’ suddenly appeared on a water reservoir at a local dog park, at the Big King Dog reserve in Auckland.

The tribute picture shows a rather sad looking ‘Dog’ gazing up at a star.

Many grew up with and loved the cartoon of “Dog’ in the Footrot Flats cartoon section in popular newspapers, so it’s no surprise the tribute is being treated by many like flowers on a grave.

Soon after the painting was done word traveled fast about the tribute picture, and many flocked to the dog park to take photo’s.



Initially the artist of the ‘Dog’ tribute stayed anonymous as he didn’t have permission to paint the picture.

But Paul Walsh (the artist) has since come forward as the public response had been enormous and resulted in the owners of the water reservoir, Watercare not pressing charges and letting the tribute stay.

The Thank you from Paul Walsh:

So thanks to Fairfax Media (Stuff / Central Leader), TV One and Ana Samways for the publicity; thanks to local politicians Julie Fairey, Michael Wood and Cathy Casey for petitioning Watercare to let it stay; thanks to Watercare for being good fellas and letting it stay (and not pressing charges!); and of course a huge thanks to the tens of thousands of people who left positive comments, likes and messages in response.

Over the years the popular Footrot Flats cartoon made it into books and even a movie.

Footrot Flats ‘The Dog’s Tale’
Short video 

Rest in peace Murray Ball – You will never be forgotten


Article written : March 2017

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