How To Use A Male Dog Diaper (Belly Band)

Got a male dog that lifts his leg inside?  Or is your house starting to stink of  urine – but you never seem to catch FIDO in the act?

While effective training is the best solution, some dogs are harder to train than others, and some dogs just keep doing it anyway.

 Yip you got it, a male diaper designed especially for the male dog.

One of the top reasons many male dogs end up in animal shelters, is because the dog has a lifting the leg on everything indoors problem.

Whether your dog is a secret leg lifter marking his territory, a puppy in the potty training phase, a dog with a dribble problem, or incontinence, there are various belly bands available to help contain FIDO’s urine – To view SEE: Diapers – Male Dog in our store.

Please note: Most belly bands are designed for a small amount of urine, not a complete empty of the bladder.

How To Use A Belly Band For A Male Dog

Before using a belly band get your veterinary professional to check for any health issues your dog may have that could be causing the urine leakage.

(1)  Lay the belly band out flat with inside facing up.

(2)  For extra absorption place a panty liner or sanitary pad on the inside of the band.

(3)  Hold the band (inside facing up)  under the dog’s belly, and wrap around the belly ensuring you cover the wizzer (penis) area.

(4)  Fasten the velcrose to hold the belly band in place.

Types of Belly Bands

There are two main types of belly bands,  the washable reusable ones and the disposable ‘one use’ ones.

The Washable Belly Band – A belly band is a strip of material that is often but not always padded, that wraps around your dogs belly to cover the wizzer (penis area).  A disposable panty liner or sanitary pad can be placed on the inside of the band for extra absorption.

The band has velcrose at each end to keep it securely wrapped around the dog.

The Disposable Belly Band – Is much like a nappy for a baby, but is shaped for a male dog, and fits around the belly area to cover the penis.

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Before using a belly band – Be sure to get your veterinary professional to check for any health issues your dog may have that could be causing the urine leakage.

Most male belly bands are not designed for a  complete empty of the bladder.  Always allow time to let your dog empty his bladder fully outdoors.

If you are going out all day, keep FIDO outdoors, or in a contained area indoors with washable flooring (without the belly band on).

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