The Killing Of A Security Dog At A New Zealand Airport Has Caused Worldwide Outrage

Public outrage has spread around the world after Grizz, a 10 month old trainee security sniffer dog was shot dead by police at the Auckland International Airport in New Zealand.

After becoming spooked, Grizz got away from his handler on Friday afternoon (17/03/17).

Avsec (Aviation Security Service) spokesman Mike Richards said that around 04:30 local time (15:30 GMT Thursday) Grizz was getting into a dog unit wagon parked in the airport’s public landside area, when “something” caused it to escape.

At the same time a gate to the security area had been opened to let a truck through.  Grizz ran through the gate and out onto the tarmac.

Richards continued on to say a massive effort was made to find Grizz in the pitch dark conditions.

Grizz still wasn’t found after the first two hours of searching, resulting in over 13 flights being delayed.

Once Grizz was located he wouldn’t let anyone near him and kept on sprinting off along runways. Toys, treats and other dogs used to coax him in didn’t work.

Even erecting temporary fencing wasn’t an option as the area to cover was too large.

Around three hours after the escape, Airport officials ordered the Police to shoot Grizz.

The Shooting and Killing Of Grizz Has Caused Worldwide Outrage

The shooting of Grizz has created a public outcry by animal rights groups, and animal lovers worldwide.

It is believed Grizz was on the outskirts of the airfield, and not on the tarmac when he was shot dead.

Trainee security pup Grizz Shot dead
The many angered by the shooting

of Grizz are asking…

‘Why a tranquilizer gun was not used?”

Airport officials have stated they did everything possible to capture Grizz before they made the decision to shoot him.

According to experts – A tranquilizer gun only has a 30 meter range, and with darkness and such a large area, it would have been difficult to use.

The Aviation Security Service is going to review the incident, and will look into making changes to training if required.

Grizz was one of three puppies that joined the airport security team in May 2016, and was only six months away from graduating.

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Article written: 19/03/17

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