Little Disabled Dog That Had Her Wheel Chair Stolen Has A Happy Ending

A Happy Ending For a Little Disabled DogThugs stole a wheel chair from a little disabled dog in Lima, Peru.

The terror this little dog must have felt when left to drag herself along the dangerous streets of Lima, would have been horrendous!

When Martin & Evgeniya O’Regan-Pevchikh from Ireland came across a short video of this little disabled dog dragging herself along the streets in Peru, they were quick to act on helping.

They got in touch with those involved in the rescue of this little dog, now named Chiquita, and started a fund raising page at YouCaring, to raise funds for the mounting costs for the veterinary care of Chiquita.

Wheel Chair Stolen – Little Disabled Dog
Left to Drag Her Body Along

Chiquita was rescued on the 17th of September 2015.  She is parlaysed in both back legs, is suspected to have a tumor, has ehrlichiosis – a dog form of typhus, anemia, an ear condition and scabies/mange.

International Rescue Organizations and Ireland Animal Welfare activists in Peru got together to help Chiquita also.

On the 21st of October 2015 Chiquita was ready to be transported for further care in the United States.  Petwings in Lima, a company that specializes in transporting dogs to homes abroad, arranged to send Chiquita to Boston, United states.  From here Chiquita will go to and animal rescue shelter on Rhode Island.

By the 22nd of October 2015 the fund raising page for Chiquita that was set up on YouCare exceeded the $800.00 needed.  Kind people are still donating for Chiquita on YouCare, so the organizers have asked if they can use this money on future crisis dogs in Lima, and offered to refund donaters that don’t agree.

25 October 2015 – Chiquita is now at the animal rescue shelter on Rhode Island, and has been renamed Maxine.  She has been bathed a few times, has toys to play with and has been given some sweaters to help her to keep warm in the colder climate.  The shelter will be getting her a wheel chair soon.

(Featured image sourced from YouTube)

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