The Guilty Dog Face Always Tells A Story

There will always be a time when Rover gives himself away with the guilty dog faceThere will always come a time when a dog will get into some mischief.

Sometimes it is obvious when you come home to find the stuffing from a toy or, furniture strewn all over the place.

But, on other occasions the guilty dog face gives Rover away before any damage is noticed.

For some dogs temptation is just too much.  When you are not looking, all kinds of things most likely play on your dogs mind.  “Mmm – Yum those cakes look nice” – “Ah, I’ll wrip up Mums undies,she won’t notice” – “Oops, How did that hole get in the couch?  It wasn’t me!”…

Well – The Guilty Dog Face gives it Away Every Time

Dogs can look so cute when they basically dob themselves in with the guilty dog face.  Others just run for cover, but as dog lovers we soon forgive the pooch for his mischief.

(Image sourced from You Tube)

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